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3 Secrets Millennial Professionals are using to get unstuck and establish work-life balance while managing high levels of stress and burnout.
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Meet Nicole "Dr. Nic" Rankine

Certified Personal Growth Coach

Dr. Nicole Rankine, affectionately known as Dr. Nic, is one of the most engaging certified Leadership Trainers and Personal Growth Coaches around. She is a Maxwell Team Leadership Consultant and the owner of the COLE Academy of Personal Growth, a professional development company that is devoted to helping educational/organizational leaders and students grow by teaching proven soft skills principles and practices of leadership development, personal growth, and communication.


Upcoming Events

Lunch with Dr. Nic 

October 3rd

12:00 PM EST

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4th Quarter Living Reset

October 24th

6:00 PM EST

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5 Day-Adulting Challenge 

November 2023

More Info To Come

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