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The Adulting In My Purpose Movement 

We help young professionals (19-34) with a personal growth journey that will help YOU discover who YOU are, clarify YOUR vision, and develop a SOLID plan for YOUR life without the pressure of feeling overwhelmed, anxiety and fear.

Signature Services 

Adulting In My Purpose Online Course 

Adulting In My Purpose is the point where you decide to stop living below your abilities and step up, understand your God identity, get clarity and create a plan to take action on your create a life of joy, love, strength, and significance.

  • Eliminate Stress
  •  Live WITHOUT fear
  • Create Your Desires .

Adulting In My Purpose Coaching Program 

Not Sure of Your NEXT Steps??? Our Coaching Program for Young Professionals/Millennials is now accepting new clients for Fall 2022. Don’t go through life with uncertainty. Get clear. Get focused. Get moving on your goals.
There are lots of products and services out there that claim to change your life — coaching might be the one thing that actually delivers on this promise.
How many times every week do we worry about:
✅ Career?
✅ Finances?
✅ Endless to-do lists?
✅ What could be?
✅ Your purpose?
The truth is most people fail in life because they major in minor things.
What would happen if we majored in MAJOR things?
Stuff like:
✔️ Growing leadership skills
✔️ Getting clear on our purpose
✔️ Achieving set goals
✔️ Improving relationships
✔️ Reaching financial goals
Life would look wildly different, wouldn’t it?
Swap minor details with what you want from the big picture by working with Dr. Nic.
Coaches are trained to skyrocket you to new heights of performance...
So why not turn to the one who is focused on developing Young Professionals/Millennials?
👉 👉 Dr. Nic 👈👈

How We Work ?

Coaching with Dr. Nic you’ll have access to a personal guide to help you close the gaps in your life and to hold you accountable.

Schedule your free introductory coaching strategy session to see if the Adulting In My Propose Coaching Program is the right fit for you.


Adulting Podcast

Listen to Dr. Nic and amazing guests who share their personal and professional journeys to provide inspiration to all. Enjoy special segment such as Millennials Making Moves and Ask the Expert.  Dr. Nic also teaches key principles of personal growth.

Adulting In My Purpose Journal 

Adulting In My Purpose is far more than just a journal; it provides a foundation upon which you can build your life based on who you are what you believe. It is a blueprint for your journey of self-discovery.

Adulting In My Purpose Merch.

Adulting In My Purpose™ is a movement that provides a foundation upon which people can build your life based on who you are and what you believe rather than accept it the way it is. Make a statement with your Adulting In My Purpose Merch.

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